Destroy Approach Anxiety: Effortlessly Approach Women Without Fear
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Destroy Approach Anxiety: Effortlessly Approach Women Without Fear

Charlie Valentino
Approach anxiety is something the vast majority of aspiring pick up artists suffer from when starting out approaching girls. If we can't get over approach anxiety, our first major stumbling block in the world of pick up then we're not going to meet many attractive women. It’s as simple as that!

Destroy Approach Anxiety covers this subject so you’ll be able to overcome this with ease, enabling you to quickly progress to approaching women without fear.

Discover the true reasons why we suffer from approach anxiety, it may surprise you. The author believes one of the reasons is the overloading of information in our heads in an attempt to gain perfection before we've even made our first approach. This is impossible!

The author emphasizes the importance of keeping pick up as simple as possible, especially when suffering from approach anxiety. He gives numerous strategies for maintaining the perfect pick up, without overloading the head with too much information, which you can't possibly act on when under pressure approaching hot women.

Destroy Approach Anxiety should be the first PUA book you read as it will help you find approaching girls in the street as simple as possible by putting you in the right frame of mind. Only after overcoming the fear of approaching girls should you then try to progress to more advanced levels of seduction.

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