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  • yum! I heart candy! that is all, who doesn't? :)
  • choco delicious~ness! I'm addicted to chocolate! Love it! :) I have a big time sweet tooth! Yep! :) who doesn't like chocolate lol!
  • coffee goodNess! I'm not like super addicted to coffee, but I do have a lot of coffee kind of morning, that's for sure, but I do enjoy drinking it! :)
  • make me laugh a good sense of humor is what I like. :) I enjoy funny people, yep!
  • Happy Halloween! Halloween is like one of my favorite holidays, dunno why, maybe cuz I was almost a Halloween baby, who knows lol. but I enjoy the dressing up and stuff and seeing the kids dress up, it's super adorable! :)
  • horror = cuddle fest! who doesn't like a good horror movie to cuddle up close with sum one. I know I do! :) the scarier or sick and twisted the better. yep! :) gotta love a good scary horror movie!
  • Where R All The Fat/Chubby Men At? :) hey all, how's it going everyone? yeah I never know what to really put in these description thingy's anyways, so umm yeah here it goes... first off I'm from Massachusetts there we go, I'm 32 years old, yeah I look young for my age but it's my real age, I'm a shy and quiet person until u get to know me, then I open up a bit more till I'm comfortable. I'm a music fan, I listen to music like every day, I'm a big fan of the show the big bang theory, I own all there DVD's that they released, yeah I know I'm a dork, I'm a Simpson fan, gotta love The Simpsons, Bob's Burgers another good one, Family Guy, yeah you get the picture. I like a lot of the weird cartoon shows, they amuse me, although I'm easily amused and laugh a lot, I like to laugh. I have a weird and crazy sense of humor, and I'm sarcastic at times. I think I'm a nice person, caring, sweet and all that good stuff! :) I'm random and I like being random it's awesome! I like to have fun even if it's the simplest things, I usually enjoy it. I enjoy going to the movies to see some comedy or horror movie or whatever else looks good to see at the time. I like going to shows and concerts, been to a few good ones in my time. I like tattoos and piercings although I don't have many at all, I'm so ready for more. I love Jonah Hill, that's my main man right there, my celebrity crush, and he's funny and a good actor. I love wearing hoodies, I'm a a hoodie kinda girl, I'm a Chap Stick freak, I have one on me at all time, I'm addicted to candy corns, and I love Taco Bell, it's like my favorite fast food! I like my men big like a teddy bear kinda big, Rawrs lol and facial hair like beards and stuff, and sum tattoos and piercings, but it's not a must. it would be cool to make sum new friends too and whatnot. I make necklaces, I have made quite a few so far, it's kinda a girly hobby I have and I enjoy it. hmmm what else...I work at a retirement home for a living and I serve the older folks there food and stuff, yep! so umm yeah that's all I can think of at the moment so I hope you enjoy reading this and I'm sure I will add more info about me later on. :) well thanks for reading! if u wanna check out my Instagram add me- hoodie_wearing_girl_
  • Massachusetts is where it's at! Massachusetts is my home! :) Yep!
  • movies I like.... Knocked Up Superbad Nick and Norah's infinite play list Juno Step Brothers Tommy Boy The Simpson's movie Old School Napoleon Dynamite It's Funny Kind of Story Get Him to the Greek The Watch Hangover-one two and three Due Date The Bench Warmers Blades of Glory Elf Date Night 40 Year Old Virgin Wanderlust The Lost Boys The Devil's Rejects the Saw Movies
  • bands I like.... ~A.f.I. ~Linkin Park ~Adema ~Mudvayne ~Anberlin ~Mushroomhead ~The Anniversary ~New Politics ~Atreyu ~Oasis ~Blink-182 ~The Offsprimg ~Brand new ~Papa Roach ~Breaking Benjamin ~Paramore ~Chevelle ~Pop Evil ~The Cure ~Rancid ~A Day To Remember ~Shinedown ~Death Cab for Cutie ~Silver Chair ~Drowning Pool ~Simple Plan ~Fallout Boy ~Staind ~Fire Flight ~God Smack ~The Fray ~Sum41 ~Jack's Mannequin ~System of a Down ~Killswitch Engage ~Taking Back Sunday ~Korn ~TOOL ~Nirvana ~Seether ~Slipknot ~40 Below Summer ~Disturbed ~The Dresden Dolls ~Cold ~Stonesour ~Yellow Card ~Twisted Method ~Panic at the Disco ~Three Days Grace ~HaleStorm
  • Nerds R Awesome! :) I heart Nerdy Fat Guys and just regular Nerdy Guys! :)
  • hello there!! what up P.N. (Passion Network!). :)
  • Picture Perfect I like looking at pictures of anything interesting or that catches my eye and I like taking pictures. black and white photos I think I like the best. :)
  • sexy metal piercings are hot! I have my belly button pierced and my ears pierced twice in each and one higher piercing on my left ear. I miss my industrial piercing I had, had to take it out, sadFace. but I'm thinking I want more just dunno where yet.
  • hey Punk Passions! what up punk rockers! :)
  • heart Rock Music! Rock On My Fellow Rockers! :) am a fan of rock music totally!
  • rocking the staches! who doesn't like a man with facial hair? I know I totally do! facial hair is hot especially like beards and stuff! :)
  • Tattoos equal AwesomeNess tattoos are super awesome and sexy, guys with a lot of tattoos are hot, rawrs! I'm attracted to them. I only have one at the moment but I'm so ready for more and have a few ideas. :)
  • show's I like..... ~The Simpsons ~Bob's Burgers ~Family Guy ~The Big Bang Theory ~Daria ~Impractical Jokers ~2 Broke Girls ~Mike and Molly ~Duck Dynasty ~Three's Company ~South Park ~Call of the Wildman ~Auction Hunters ~Ink Masters

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