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Loading a blog page without logging in

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Posted:     Post subject: Loading a blog page without logging in

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I noticed the feedback of, a guess it's the webmaster, who put a post responding to mine on loading a blog page without logging in. The feedback post, yes, knew that too. I avoided putting that information. On two other sites, one with forums, when I posted info like this webmasters changed the site to where it was restricted with that. Reason was obvious. Just like when you comment to a post on a site, most you have to login, be a member of that. Those webmasters wanted folks to login, be onsite. Not just view offline off the site. Apparently this site the owners are okay with this how sites are set up here. Page to page address with restriction to log for response, whereas those other guys, their sites page to page are templates within the framework with a fence and a billboard high wall. Unless you're a hacker you can't just address bar your way in to climb that wall for a look. This site is "open post" meaning like an open military base used to be, drive right in, no guard to stop you from doing that or looking around while coming on post.

[original blue font posting]

How to see without sneaking around to be noticed. Or find a page without going through the "front door."

If a person here online wants to view a blog here without bringing up the profile page, since that will log you to the ' who viewed me ' thing, one can direct link to that blog. In the address bar there is the http code for address with site link and directory command for page. At the end of that code is the " handle," the author name for registered member for whatever page on Passions at whatever site there.

For example mine here is:

If there is a blog there authored by a member of the site, that last character set commands the page for browser/website to execute, which is my "handle" of authorship, jeffspirit.

The blog page can be accessed without logging in, simply type in the "handle" for author. Whereas right after the equal ( = ) symbol is. Just put the cursor up there in bar, backspace or delete, type in any handle name, and, don't leave any spaces between, no blanks or the browser/server will not recognize that as valid.

Now also, delete the site name for whatever that handle is, such as mine has shypassions there. Take that out, type in whatever passions site name you want to go to of the blog.

An example shown for my blog at musicpassions site here.

Copy and paste that to address bar, and hit enter or go with whatever way you have. What will link to page is the very blog page actuated. Now this is if there is a blog there and known, if not there will not be a link to that.
This can be done offline for now, meaning you don't have to login to get to a blog unless you want to post. It's public domain thing, reason why this is like this. Like viewing YouTube without logging in.

I put this info here cause I know with experience there are folks who would look at something, but won't bring up pages online to get noticed as in the case of the ' who viewed me ' logger. This works for now. Given the notoriety of views, loggings, whatever, have seen webmasters change the site to disallow this for giving out such info like this. They are the rulers of the site, want a person to do how they set up the site naturally. However there are side doors open to public they don't tell folks, and naturally folks don't know if a person does not know anything at all about browsers, computers, how systems work.

This is for the shy folks, just another tool I know to use online, do know a little of computers, never went to school for that, but did teach myself how to navigate around, found out some things. I know from experience having been a shy guy back when, not there now, but still remain and stay on the side roads, out of the mainstream, out of the loop sort of. I don't consider myself anonymous at all, just another wayfaring stranger.

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January 5, 2005
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Here is another approach if someone wants to view profiles without being logged by the 'Who Viewed Me' system...logout first. Wink

If you are logged out, you can view any profile you want (although you won't be able to enlarge any of the photos).

The 'Who Viewed Me' system only keeps track of logged in members who view other member's profile pages.

So, if you are logged out, you can search and view as much as you like...and no one will know that you viewed their profile (or their blog, or their videos, or their books).

Have fun!


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