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Shy Passions: Shy & Introverted Singles Online

  • mehm
  • I'm a fun happy person, but most people don't get to know me well enough to see that side. I panic hard around strangers, most just don't get it. I'm hoping to chat with others who have felt it themselves, and maybe we can help each other stave off the loneliness. I take online classes and do work full time, though it's difficult. I love dogs, reading, and dancing hula. I love being outdoors and g...
  • 28 years old | Kansas City, KS, USA

  • gentlemandarss
  • 59 years old | Karise-Olstrup, Denmark

  • mysticrider
  • Shy but not dead I am a shy person at first but I warm up once I get to know you.
  • 71 years old | Crown Point, IN, USA

  • aaronvc1277
  • 41 years old | Wakefield, RI, USA

  • scifimarine
  • I have a real tough time "breaking the ice", but I'm usually ok after that. Although, sometimes, when I am truely captivated by a woman, I don't think I ever, truely, entirely get past my shyness.
  • 50 years old | Colorado Springs, CO, USA

  • backrowbass
  • Lost in Bass Ack... talk about myself... I used to be a singer in a chorus, Bass voice as my nick indicates, now you'd think that if I sang I wouldn't be shy? You'd be very, very wrong...
  • 36 years old | Bristol, United Kingdom

  • bennyz1994
  • 63 years old | Modesto, CA, USA

  • drakose
  • Look for that special someone Hello, I'm a over the road trucker looking for that special someone. I consider myself to be a romantic and love to chat and the simple things in life.
  • 55 years old | Swainsboro, GA, USA

  • charistain
  • I'd describe myself as shy, quiet, sensitive, a little eccentric and at times emotionally intense. I often have trouble opening up, but when I do I'm generous, sweet, affectionate, loving and loyal to a fault. I'm pretty intimidated by the outside world but I hope to cope better some day. I have struggled with Anxiety & Depression almost as long as I can remember and more recently developed Depers...
  • 31 years old | Newport, United Kingdom

  • nexus444
  • 49 years old | Indianapolis, IN, USA

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