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  • Go to your room! To be straightforward, I do not enjoy children. If someone on dating site is interested in me, but listed as having any kids I will automatically delete him. I always say that when hell freezes over I'll have kids. Obviously, that will never be.
  • Woman wth E Looking for a Real Man I'm an epileptic woman who's passionate about music. Read often and also occassionaly write. Love movies, especially documentaries. Tend to be an introvert at first, but once I get to know someone I can be quite fun loving. Looking for a guy who says what he's thinking, but not without processing it first. Would like a guy who's not into macho stuff like cars and wrestling, but arts and music instead. Mainly searching for a guy who can look past my epilespy, maybe even associate with it.
  • Wanted: A man who can use his brain I often like to have more than just fun or basic conversation with a guy. I think that's why an intellectual man (or at least one who can use both sides of his brain) would be an ideal mate. A relationship with a kind-hearted thinker is mainly what I'm searching for.
  • My love of music I love music almost as much as I enjoy checking out guys or shopping for band t-shirts. It will always be a huge part of my life. Last concerts I've attended: 2010-Dave Matthews Band, 2009-New Kids On The Block, 2008-Dave Matthews Band, and many more before that (including Morrissey!). Favorite bands: Ramones,Joy Division, Oasis, Doves,Ryan Adams,Bad Religion,Elliot Smith,Editors,The Clash,Justice, Basement Jaxx,Passion Pit,DMB,Rocco DeLuca & The Burden, Lady Gaga and much more.Really into indie music lately, but will always have a thing for Brit pop,house/techno,and hip-hop.
  • Lonely young lady looking for a great guy I'm a young woman who's passionate about music. Indie and house/techno are my latest favorites while country and gangster rap are my least. Read often and occassionaly write. Would like to one day pursue my dream of being a music journalist and share my thoughts and opinions with the world. Tend to be an introvert at first, but once I get to know someone I can be quite fun loving. A guy with a job is a necessity! Must have a job and have some kind of ambitions in life. Am seeking a guy who at least attempts to act his age. Someone who says what he's thinking, but not without processing it first. Prefer guys who are not into macho stuff like cars and wrestling, but creativity and the arts instead for example. I really dislike people who use disrespectful words like 'retard' or say 'that's so gay'. Somebody who has a good vocabulary would be greatly appreciated. A guy with those qualities is better than any man who can benchpress hundreds of pounds.*IMPORTANT NOTE* If you have kids, smoke, or drink alcohol often DO NOT bother writing.
  • Sheena the Punk Rocker looking for an awesome guy I'm more into the old school punk (The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols, etc.) but also enjoy the post-punk scene of The Smiths and New Order. Into a bit of 90s punk as well (Rancid, Bad Religion, ans so on). Not big on tattoos, but peircings are cool. If your a disabled punk-rocker, message me!

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